Careers - Recruitment

Recruitment and Selection Process

  • In ITBrain we want the best. The best thinkers, the best doers, the best human beings. To make sure we have them, we have developed a unique hiring practice in Mexico.
  • Write to us. Introduce yourself by e-mail. It always helps to mention the roles you're most interested on.
  • We'll contact you to make a telephone interview. This first conversation helps us to determine if what you expect from life is what we expect from you. Here is where both of us agree if what you can do best in here, your attitude, motivations, and salary level are within our expectations.
  • Developers: show us how you program. To have all the fancy vocabulary in your resume is not enough. We believe that practical development software abilities cannot be communicated in a resume or an interview. So we have a programming exercise that you can solve at your home and send it back to us. (Usually we do this before your first visit to our office so we can have some material to "critique" you during the interview)
  • Interview at the office. Here is where fun begings if you get to this point. We apply some tests that help us see how fast you will be able to learn new technologies, methodologies, etc. Later you'll meet some ITBrainers and realize the caliber of our people and vice versa.
  • The Offer. After all these, we cannot keep you waiting. If you are in you stay in and you will not want to leave. So get started right now and write to us.