Systems Architecture

ITBrain recognizes that now a days the successful systems architectures are quite diverse in these aspects:

  • Enterprise Applications.
  • Ad hoc Solutions.
  • Security Administration.
  • Process Administration.
  • Monitoring the Business Activity.

Furthermore, leading edge architectures consider not only the proper company but also include the suppliers and business partners with whom it is necessary to integrate, interchange information and embed vital components such as Web Services.

New technologies that promise to help with these challenges arrive rapidly everyday. The typical IT organization faces waves of fashion and tendencies. Eventhough, the emerging standards and the new technologies bring along new ways for administrating the company, they also face us to new challenges as it is necessary to integrate them to existing solutions. As a result, it is not odd that companies mantain up to four generations of technology, each one of them had promised to leave obsolete the previous one.

In ITBrain we believe that the key to success is to avoid putting all the eggs in the same basket. The compatibility between technologies is critical. A healthy company needs to have a revolving portfolio of legacy systems, enterprise applications and leading edge technologies.

Thus, our approach is to work with our clients and help them separate fiction from reality defining a strategy independent from the technology providers. Our cumulus of experience in developing ad hoc systems and enterprise integration allows us to see the architecture of the company within the specific context of the current technologies and not only as you see it in the sales brochures.

The ITBrainers possess an unusual combination of technical abilities as well as the capacity for understanding the business requirements of our clients. Our clients appreciate our constant evaluation of the emerging technologies and our advanced approaches on developing and integrating software. These make us especially capable to work with our clients and to define strategies that support new technologies and at the same time reducing the account to risks.