Enterprise Application Integration

ITBrain recognizes that Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI) is still a strategic priority to the CIOs and a challenge that covers the whole company.

That is because in many companies:

  • The crucial functionality for the business is scattered in a wide range packaged or ad hoc applications.
  • Te clients demand each time an integrated view of the business and focus on the client no matter the stovepipe structure of the existing systems.
  • The B2B integration on real time is placing additional demands on the automatic execution of the business process throughout the company.

To take any decision for an EAI strategy, including the selection of the provider, the companies must consider the emerging standards such as JMS and Web Services. As the Web Services solutions mature, the CIOs inevitably will focus their attention assuring the interoperability between the emerging solutions based on Web Services and the existing EAI solutions.

ITBrain is recognized as a leader in solving complex challenges of integration for global companies. We help our clients from the selection of the tools until the solution is deployed. We combine a deep technical experience and a leadership on Web Services and data analysis. We assist with the semantics and structural mapping of metadata for our clients, implement customize adapters and develop solutions that are useful as a bridge between the different providers tools.

ITBrain specializes in complex scenarios of integration that combine ad hoc application development with EAI tools. We understand the benefits and limitations of the EAI tools which are taken care of in the planning of our projects.

Considering our vast experience in software development, our approach for EAI implementation is supported firmly in automatic testing, version control administration and deployment techniques; areas in which there are shortcomings in most of the EAI tools.